We have for long been waiting for this integration.
Delivery, as you all are aware, is multiplying in growth. It is a $15B business, by 2022, and it is one of the most sought after services that consumers love. So we are delighted to help our merchants integrate with delivery requests. Our partner in Postmates offers delivery assistance and in-house, white-labeled delivery support for JoyUp

"JoyUp is a startup that is helping us with marketing. Also, the reason behind the latest Instagram viral content. Our consumer activity has grown 500% over Instagram and orders by 10% Love their new delivery option. Every merchant needs to own their users. They can also personalize our coupons or promotions to our fans on Facebook or Instagram, which is a win-win."

William Cho
Boba Shop SF
Goal 🎯

Bring in more orders into the store

Results 📈


Cost of acquisition per delivery customer via offer


Overall LTV(Life Time Value) gain with new customers


Increase in overall revenue

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Delivery  Analytics

Heavy Messenger Growth 🔥

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Delivery Success

Square Dashboard Revenue Numbers 📈

Organic Reviews

Messenger helps collect reviews from users after the delivery is completed. This is as an organic feedback from the user and giving your business more credibility across social media.

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Delivery Review

Bot nudging the user to leave a review on facebook, post delivery.

About BobaShop SF

Boba Shop, offers a variety of boba products including teas, smoothies, and desserts.

Today, The Boba Shop team believes they are ready to be heavily marketed and are up for the challenge. Knowing Chase Stadium is coming around the corner, they want to start working with heavy volumes to ensure that the volume created by the visitors of the new Warriors Stadium will be easily handled.

William and BobaShop team want you to enjoy your drink to the fullest so if there is any adjustment needed to the drink, they will shake you up a new drink to suit your taste buds! William believes customer service is the key to business and does not like the idea of taking money from unhappy customers.