Bring in new customers with Facebook Events
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In less than 4 days, BobaShop was able to reach over 6000 prospects and over 200 RSVPs. Many customers who were in the Mission Bay SF neighborhood, primarily who liked boba tea attended the event. When asked, customers shared that they were not aware of BobaShop but loved the tea when tasted. BobaShop attracted more than 20 new customers in a single day increasing revenue by 80%. Lifetime value of these new customers would be over 2000$. Hence a successful event.

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Facebook Event Users
JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Facebook Event Users

Bring in new customers into the store

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Facebook Event


Increase in revenue


Cost of acquisition per new customer via offer


LTV(Life Time Value) with new customers

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Facebook Event Analytics

Heavy Organic Growth 🔥

JoyUp Case Study: BobaShop SF Facebook Event Success

Local and Targeted 📈

"Nice successful event! Defintely saw so many new faces means awareness is achieved. Looking forward to continuing to work with JoyUp in future 😎"

William Cho, BobaShop SF
About BobaShop SF

Boba Shop, offers a variety of boba products including teas, smoothies, and desserts.

Today, The Boba Shop team believes they are ready to be heavily marketed and are up for the challenge. Knowing Chase Stadium is coming around the corner, they want to start working with heavy volumes to ensure that the volume created by the visitors of the new Warriors Stadium will be easily handled.

William and BobaShop team want you to enjoy your drink to the fullest so if there is any adjustment needed to the drink, they will shake you up a new drink to suit your taste buds! William believes customer service is the key to business and does not like the idea of taking money from unhappy customers.